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I'm Not Who You Think I Am

I've always acted like a good person in front of everyone, being as polite as possible, being understanding, being nice,
being helpful, being a good listener, being hardworking, being mature, being like wat people expect me to be.....
but actualli i'm NOT! I'm a hater, i always criticize on people, i'm always dissatisfied, i just throw my tantrums when things
doesnt goes the way i wanted..... i'm just a bad bad bad person. I dont even knw how to love people. i alwiz bully my bf. 
I knw wat im doing is wrong but i still doing it. Dunno why..... sigh....

Hit & Run Like Chicken!!

Finally aku jumpe jugak site that allow people to confess their sinned.

Today, aku buat perkara yang amat aku kesali dalam seumur hidup..I'm bad
girl!!.Aku langgar kereta others people dan aku seperti Pengecut melarikan diri.
Memanglah tak rosak teruk, cuma dented sikit tapi Aku teramat malu dengan diri
aku sendiri. Forgive me, aku berdosa.

Stalking On My Ex's New Gf!

Hye, i want to share this deepest secret of mine. When my ex
left me for the other girl, i just dunno how to live anymore. Me then stalking
my ex and found his new gf fb and contact no.

Then, i keep on spamming her gf hp with bad msgs like telling she's ugly, she
looks horrible, she stinks and etc. I keep on doing this 3-4 times everyday for
a month!! After awhile, I think I just hate my bf and her new gf, and I want to
move on. So ive stopped doing that but i just realized that I wasted so much
time doing that. And now, ive already have new bf who is better than my ex!


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